The name reflects that our gender identity is a valid, good, and core part of our personhood. We need to accept our inner selves and live out our unique expression of who we are inside with thankfulness, pride, and joy; unashamed of the fact that we have been created this way.

We will strive to become beacons to our communities and try to set a good example so that those who struggle with gender identity issues may come out and know there is support. INNERSELVES will also strive to become the foremost support group in Northern Ontario to assist those who are struggling with gender identity issues.

Our goal is to provide a safe oasis of mutual support for those who struggle with gender identity and all its encompassing issues. The group will also aid in the self acceptance, education, and development of the person in a healthy, productive, and positive environment. The group will also help locate and lobby for resources for persons and their allies who are affected by gender identity issues. We will also provide information and assistance in educating its members as well as the public, in matters of enhancing the understanding and acceptance of gender variant persons.

Dates: Bi-weekly (Fridays)

Time: 7pm-9pm

Location: 105 Elm Street (in the boardroom)

Contact: 705-673-4396 ext: 210

Dates: Wednesday

Time: 4.00pm-5.30pm

Location: 105 Elm Street (in the boardroom)

Services: Group Counseling and Workshops

Contact: 705-673-4396 ext: 210

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