2021-2024 Strategic Plan

During the Spring of 2021, we invited community members and partners to respond to a brief survey to share their thoughts about the organization, express their needs, and provide valuable input about what they imagine are FSP’s roles and responsibilities within the community. We received over 40 responses from francophones and anglophones within the community, giving us a ton of useful feedback on what they’d like to see from FSP in the coming years in terms of advocacy, events, and services. Our Governance Committee worked hard to comb through them and identify areas of overlap and recurring themes. In turn, the following strategic framework was developed and adopted by the membership during our 2021 Annual General Meeting.


Fierté Sudbury Pride strives to ensure the wellbeing of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Greater Sudbury by advocating on its behalf and by offering social, educational, and artistic events and programs to all.


Fierté Sudbury Pride is the champion of a strong, vibrant, and intersectional 2SLGBTQIA+ community that exists openly and safely in Greater Sudbury. It is responsive to the needs of the community and is able to meet them.


ACCESSIBILITY: Participation is essential to the strength of the community. We strive to demolish systemic barriers both within and without our organization to allow full participation by community members in our programming and in that of our partners.

ADVOCACY: We are proactive in fighting injustice and social inequity. Our advocacy is done with an intersectional lens.

COMMUNITY: We invest in the wellbeing of the local 2SLGBTQIA+ community and remain accountable to it. We create opportunities for community members to come together, to celebrate, and to live authentically in environments that are free of judgement and violence.

CREATIVITY: We strive to innovate in everything we do, from our partnerships to our programming, and want to serve as an inspiration to others.

SOLIDARITY: We support and stand alongside other marginalized and exploited individuals, groups, and populations, even when that means taking a stand against members of our own community. We recognize that true liberation is a collective effort.

SUSTAINABILITY: For future generations, we fight for the health of our organization, our community, and the lands on which we are privileged to operate.


1) Act as a strong voice and advocate that fights for social justice;

  • Be present and active in the local cultural, social, media, and political landscape;

  • Create and reinforce ties and partnerships with local, regional, provincial, national, and international organizations, groups, and causes.

2) Offer programming that fosters a sense of community in the region and that responds to the needs of the community;

  • Develop year-round programming, in addition to Pride Week;

  • Spearhead projects that allow community members to feel heard and involved.

3) Ensure the sustainability of the organization and of the community.

  • Obtain operational funding;

  • Hire someone to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization;

  • Invest in the political engagement of queer youth;

  • Continue to develop internal procedures and policies.